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Who Rescued Who?

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Dogs in need tug at my heartstrings. And at Grand Incentives, I’m certainly not alone. The company is an advocate, among many other charitable causes, of dog rescue. Between our CEO, COO, Executive VP (who rescues and fosters) and me alone, dozens of dogs that would have barely survived have become totally pampered pooches. Read more »

Success Story: Car Dealerships Fuel Sales with Gas Rebates

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Success Story: Car Dealerships Fuel Sales with Gas Rebates

The Convert Gas to Cash rebate consistently attracts existing and new customers. Read more »

Success Story: Vacuum Cleaner Company Cleans Up!

Favorites Jul 01, 2013 2 Comments

The versatile Your Getaway, a three-day, two-night vacation incentive, helped a leading vacuum cleaner company generate a significant increase in direct sales. Here’s how. Read more »

What Dreams Are Made Of

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By: Read more »

Getting Personal: Interview with Rachael Varga

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Getting Personal: Interview with Rachael Varga

Our brilliant Program Development Manager. Website creator, lead gen maker, marketing guru, SEO master, nighttime baby soother, coffee specialist… What doesn’t Rachael do?! Read more »

Today’s Sophisticated Consumer

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The consumer decision journey has changed. A process that once took days, weeks or even months can happen in a matter of seconds. The convenience of mobile technologies has triggered an outbreak of wanting everything here and now. Consumers can search online and find product information, ratings and reviews and share them with their friends, all in less than a minute. For the first time in human history, word of mouth is a digital medium. Read more »

How to Prepare for Summer’s Severe Weather [Infographic]

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Summer is here which also means – it’s hurricane season! There’s no better time to start preparing for severe weather and tropical storms than now. With severe weather making recent headlines, it’s a great idea to plan ahead and prepare your family for summer’s inclement weather. We at Grand Incentives created this neat infographic chart with tips on preparing your basic disaster kit and first-aid essentials.

We gathered lots of information from FEMA’s website and some severe weather facts to help you get started on building your own disaster kit. Hurricane warnings are only issued 36 hours ahead of time, so take a few minutes to see how you can be ready: Read more »

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Getting Personal: Interview with Larry Biondi

Favorites May 30, 2013 1 Comment

Getting Personal: Interview with Larry Biondi

Grand Incentives’ colorful Chief Operations Officer. It’s rumored that Larry holds the Guinness World Record for telling funny stories based on first-hand experience. It’s no wonder. From the boardroom of corporate giants to the taproom, ballroom, tearoom and Oval Room, this guy has been around.  Read more »

Success Story: How a Tour Generation Company Made Millions

Favorites May 29, 2013 1 Comment

Success Story: How a Tour Generation Company Made Millions

Another low-cost incentive with a high perceived value, Take Your Pick can literally boost your revenues by millions of dollars. Here’s how it helped skyrocket sales for a tour generation company. Read more »

Act like a Human, Not like a Marketer

Favorites May 28, 2013 2 Comments

Act like a Human, Not like a Marketer

By Ruth Michel

“Stop it!” Scott Stratten screamed at a room full of marketers at SilverPop’s Amplify 2013 conference as he pointed at photos of QR codes on flying airplane banners, automatic doors and billboards. Maybe the technology of a QR code was promising, but marketers were ruining it, according to the president of Un-Marketing. Stratten is all about engaging instead of using traditional or new-fangled tactics that make you look out-of-touch or simply stupid.

His presentation kept coming back to ridiculous (but laughable) uses of QR codes, which only 3.6% of people actually use by the way, but his points were consistently wise. Here are a few: Read more »