Free Online Classes That Will Bring You Success. I Signed Up for One of Them!

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By Alyssa Villarreal

When college is completed and graduate school is either out of the question or put on hold – what’s the next step to advancing your education? Sure, you could study your tail off to get back into school and graduate with yet another accolade to frame on the wall. But with increasing student loan deficit and secondary-education costs rising, who really has the time or funds for higher learning? For all the scholars who didn’t get a chance to explore all the subjects they wanted before graduation or just want to continue their education, perhaps it’s time to look at your online options.

Free online classes, open to the public, are growing more popular and extensive. They are offered through many websites and universities, including Harvard, Yale and Duke. These classes, which cover nearly every subject and have various formats, are ideal for anyone with a love for learning, but not the funds or grades needed to get a top-rate education. Here are a few unique, inspiring and beneficial classes anyone can take in their spare time — free of charge!

Entrepreneurship—From Idea to Launch
Entrepreneurship is offered by Udemy, a website that has a wide variety of free online courses, from sports analysis to music and languages. This course is composed of more than 32 lectures and 10 exercises. The class helps to “provide a series of lectures that can guide an aspiring entrepreneur through the steps that will greatly increase their chances for successfully turning their idea into a successful business.”

Designing Your Life
This class is offered by MIT OpenCourseWare. The course website includes virtually all of the content from every class the university offers. Designing Your Life is intended to provide an “exciting, eye-opening, and thoroughly useful inquiry into what it takes to live an extraordinary life, on your own terms” and “address what it takes to succeed, to be proud of your life, and to be happy in it.” This class includes lecture notes, assignments and other downloadable course material.

Food Preparation in the Home
This free online class offered by BYU is good for those who want to improve their skills in the kitchen. You can start the class at any time and you’ll find it very interactive. The course is meant to help you understand the healthy food groups, develop skills in preparing foods and teaches you how to practice safe handling, storage and preservation of foods.

This course offered by Yale may sound morbid, but at some point, we all should be prepared to think about what happens when we pass. This philosophy class explores the possibilities of the afterlife. The course examines concepts such as death not being the end of our journey, how knowing we will eventually die should affect the way we live and the different attitudes toward death. The videos are offered through both YouTube and iTunes podcast with downloadable notes and PDF pages.

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