8 Ways to Super Charge Your Brand With Social Media

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By Alyssa Villarreal

Oreo, McDonalds, Ford and Starbucks. These power brands have built a loyal and passionate legion of raving fans. How did they do it? While product and innovation were key ingredients to their success, they also learned how to leverage social media to extend brand reach and supercharge their marketing efforts.

So how can you use the power of social media as marketing super charge for your personal brand? The answer lies in your ability to manage multiple social platforms and a deep desire to stand out in an ever-growing sea of the same.

  1. Personalize Your Brand
    A personal brand embodies your beliefs, expertise, unique abilities and personality to distinguish yourself in a sea of online noise. Conveying that message effectively opens the door to attraction marketing and your ability to draw the right consumer to your business.
  2. Manage Your Accounts
    Take a moment to run a quick audit of your online presence. When consumers land on your Facebook page, do they find that information is outdated and the last post months old? Take the time to update your network’s “About Me” sections and include new and fresh information. It’s also a great idea to integrate other social network links on all of your platforms. This way, people can easily spot your profile on LinkedIn, follow you on Twitter or add you to their circles on Google+.
  3. Devise a Strategic Road Map
    Draft a blueprint that encompasses your social media and overall marketing strategy with your team. Begin at a high level and include each social channel with its corresponding goals. Then, begin to add the steps it will take to meet your goals. How often will you post, what type of content will you post, where will the content come from and how will you execute your strategy consistently?
  4. Join the Convo
    Believe it or not, you actually have to use social media in order to be effective. I know, crazy right? If you plan on marketing your business through social media, you must make a commitment to consistently show up. Be present for the good, bad and ugly. Customers expect you to answer their customer service complaints within an hour to a day.
  5. Blog About It!
    Although blogging isn’t “social media” per se, it does directly relate to your content strategy. It is also the best way to share expertise and build thought leadership. It also encourages link clicks to your blog site and social interaction if properly promoted across multiple channels.
  6. Own Your Niche
    Determine who your target audience is and build a following around that niche. Discuss issues, provide content and actively offer solutions that connect with your followers and fans. It’s all about identifying a need and then fulfilling that need on a consistent basis.
  7. Be Approachable, Friendly and HUMAN
    One of the golden rules to managing your company’s social media, “Don’t tweet something your grandma wouldn’t like!” Granted, your users will most likely not be your grandma, but you catch my drift. No one wants to hang out with a negative and defeatist person. Be friendly, helpful, approachable and always genuine in your willingness to serve consumer’s needs. Our favorite UnMarketer, Scott Stratten, discusses how you should act more like a human and not a marketer in his engaging books about authentic marketing. Leave the marketing and PR jargon out.
  8. Be Authentic
    Always say what you mean and mean what you say. Remember that building your brand on social media takes time and you must have patience. People will connect with someone they sense has an authentic representation of their brand both online as well as offline.
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