6 Ways to Say “Thank You” Using Social Media

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6 Ways to Say “Thank You” Using Social Media

By: Alyssa Villarreal

“Gracias,” “Merci,” “Danke,” there are thousands of ways to say thanks. The gracious greeting may be said differently in most languages, but the meaning behind it is global. For business people, saying thank you can be a great way to end a presentation, close a successful sale or show warmth to your loyal clients and employees.

Social media is the digital sector that allows for creativity and engagement and paved the way for communication between your company and community.  There are many ways to share your gratitude online over social networks. Here are several inspiring recommendations:

  1. Give them a shoutout on Twitter! Twitter’s a great platform for short and sweet messages. Use it when you want to acknowledge a colleague’s well written blog post, praise a top-notch presentation from an influential speaker or simply thank someone for being a loyal client.
  2. Endorse someone on LinkedIn. This is the new, unconventional way of giving a digital stamp of approval. You can utilize this awesome feature on LinkedIn to endorse former (or, present) employees to support their skills and expertise.
  3. Share a blog post. This can be done in many ways through social media.  You can share blog posts by retweeting links, pinning articles to Pinterest or sharing links on Facebook. It just shows you’re not only engaging with the customer or user, but you’re also advocating what they have to say!
  4. Post a fun team photo on Facebook. Sometimes we forget how personable we should be on Facebook. Posting photos of your team or office with a thank you message allows you to be more transparent online. There are many ways to set this up. Be creative!
  5. Feature someone in a blog post. Guest blogging is a boost for SEO engagement and link clicks for many reasons. Featuring a guest author on your blog brings many opportunities to show gratitude. Invite a client, industry leader or even one of your team members to be a guest blogger.
  6. Thank your followers when you reach a milestone. Most companies starting fresh on social media cannot wait to break the 1,000 Like mark on their Facebook page! Show your thanks by creating special graphics, videos or giveaways to thank your fans when you reach 100, 500 or the coveted 1,000 likes or followers!

How do you like to say thank you on social media? Share your ideas or experiences with us in the comment section!

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