The Season of Rewards: How to Recognize Exceptional Employees

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The Season of Rewards: How to Recognize Exceptional Employees

Are you a manager or business owner with exceptional employees? If the answer is yes, then it’s likely you’ll want to keep these overachievers and sales stars. Sometimes showing that you appreciate your employees can make a world of difference in terms of moral, continued performance and loyalty over time.

As 2013 comes to a close, think back to this year’s achievements and how you can recognize the individuals that made success possible. Make a point to reward them. Think of the future, too. Can you use positive recognition and rewards as incentives to challenge healthy competition and solid work in the coming year? It’s worth considering before 2014’s budget is set in stone!

Here are some admirable employee achievements and a few ways to reward them:

Most productive team or team member

Perfect attendance

  • Recognize publicly
  • Enter into a raffle for a big ticket item
  • Pay for a year’s subway/metro pass or toll pass
  • Gift a Your Getaway mini-vacation

Sales goals met

  • Gift a Dream Vacation Week
  • Give a monetary bonus
  • Provide new tablets, smartphones, laptops or other equipment
  • Arrange a meeting with a local celebrity

Performance goals met such as the completion of a website, collection of social media followers or increase of important partnerships

  • Treat employee to lunch or dinner
  • Give an unexpected personal holiday
  • Gift a High Tech Adventure certificate
  • Gift local sporting or art event tickets

Extreme dedication

  • Upgrade desk or office space
  • Gift a Golf or Spa Getaway
  • Send a letter of thanks from the CEO or important leader
  • Send flowers to an employee’s spouse with a restaurant gift card attached

Positive testimonials received from customers

  • Gift a $25 Gift Rebate
  • Give a monetary bonus
  • Feature in an internal newsletter or on company social media

What’s the byproduct of well-deserved rewards? Good cheer and increased motivation. Don’t let your company miss out.

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