Success Story: How a Car Company Increased Its Bottom Line

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The luxury automaker BMW is committed to delivering nothing less than an exceptional service experience, ensuring that its vehicles continue to perform like the Ultimate Driving Machine for many miles to come. In an effort to increase awareness of this philosophy as well as add value, BMW of North America rolled out Grand Incentives’ Traffic Ticket lead-generating system to BMW dealerships nationwide. The original introduction of Grand Incentives’ Traffic Ticket promotion was held at a national Aftersales Conference in Las Vegas in 2009. Since that conference, BMW dealerships across the country have continued to leverage this program with great success.

Traffic Ticket

The “Traffic Ticket” system is an interactive promotional tool that delivers brand awareness and helps attain your business goals. Each Traffic Ticket offers a chance to win prizes or discounts for customers, and everyone is a winner! Whether the goal is to draw attention to your company or develop a customer database, it introduces an element of marketing that includes gamification in the sales process.

  1. New clients can get a percentage discount, prizes or a travel certificate when they visit a BMW dealership.
  2. Everyone’s a winner! Customers are guaranteed to get, at a minimum, 25% off their qualifying purchase or vehicle service.
  3. Traffic Tickets are distributed to customers through monthly billing statement inserts, direct mail and/or handed to customers at auto marketing events.
  4. Customers visit a BMW dealership to learn what customer bonus they’ve won, using a special Reader Board that lights up to indicate their prize.
  5. All participating customers are automatically entered to win one of the marketed Grand Prizes in a sweepstakes. (Customers not willing to open can mail in their tickets.)
  6. Turnkey services include premiums, production, distribution and fulfillment. Boards are re-usable and available for future promotions.
  7. The program lets BMW customers know they’ve “Come to the right place” for exceptional customer service and reliable vehicle performance.  


  • The initial rollout drew 600 of 1,500 conference attendees, including dealers, service managers and parts managers from a variety of dealerships across the U.S. for an astounding 40 percent response rate.
  • To date, more than 155 dealerships have embraced the program, with more than 25 percent using the program with some regularity.
  • Traffic in these dealerships continues to increase at a rate of approximately 22 percent as ticket recipients visit participating BMW dealerships nationwide to claim their prize.
  • Based on limited dealer information provided, sales have increased by an average of 15 percent monthly for participating dealers in the program.

Dealer Feedback

The following is a sample of comments received from BMWNA from participating dealerships:

  • “Before we started using the [Traffic Ticket] program, sales were down 30 percent. Since implementing it last year, we’ve seen a steady increase to our bottom line.” ~ General Manager, BMW; Miami, FL
  • “We’ve tried numerous incentive programs in the past. None has ever been as effective in drawing in new customers.” ~ Sales  Manager, BMW; Dallas, TX
  • “The Traffic Tickets system is significantly impacting repeat business. Customers love feeling appreciated, and this system naturally inspires loyalty.” ~ Service Manager, BMW; Denver, CO

Traffic Ticket systems are a low-cost, high-perceived-value incentive with proven results. To learn more about how they can improve acquisition, activation, retention and renewal, call 941.552.7885 or email

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