The Newlyweds Tour Europe

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The Newlyweds Tour EuropeBy: Alyssa Villarreal

In August, we shared the great news about our two office love birds, Ellen and Bob, tying the knot! Among the wedding guests was Grand Incentive’s C-suite showing its support at the couple’s beautiful wedding in Maine. After saying, “I do,” Mr. and Mrs. Burke are more smitten for each other than ever! It’s pretty cute when you walk into the kitchen in the early morning and see Bob making – not one – but two cups of coffee.

Bon voyage! For three long weeks, our favorite couple took a trip across the country for their honeymoon in Europe. They took advantage of European tours through our vendor, Monograms and had a phenomenal time visiting Paris, London and Rome. They toured numerous cities and sights while in Europe and brought back lots of stories and pictures for the office that we just had to share with everyone else!

Like many travelers, they experienced some mishaps during their travels – but also had their breath taken away them by wonderful sites they visited.

Ellen admitted, “I think the pit of our trip was when our flight was delayed – then cancelled – in the first 24-hours of our trip! Well, also when I lost my luggage traveling from Paris to Italy.”

All in all, their visit to the ‘City of Love’ and a tour through the Vatican outweighed the lost luggage and delayed flight. Ellen shared that her favorite city to visit was Paris and Bob’s favorite was Rome.

The coolest souvenir they brought home? “An Eiffel Tower replica statue and some rosaries and crosses that were blessed by the Pope!” gushed Ellen.

After a couple of weeks in a foreign country, it always feels good to come back home to comfort zone. Ellen said the biggest difference between the states and Europe was the public transportation. She made it clear that there were tons of ways to get around the city – and no, not by hailing a yellow taxi cab. I’m sure they had fun roaming the city and taking the subway or as the Parisians call it, “Le métro.”

On October 3rd, they made it back home to their Grand Incentives family with tons of anecdotes. We have to admit, we missed Bob’s contagious laugh and Ellen’s awesome customer service skills – but we’re happy to hear they enjoyed their honeymoon!

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