4 Ways Halloween is Similar to Incentives Programs

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4 Ways Halloween is Similar to Incentives Programs

By: Alyssa Villarreal

As the saying goes, “Trick or treat – give me something good to eat.” It’s that time when all the ghouls, ghosts and goblins tread way through the neighborhood and hoard tons of delectable sweets and treats in their pumpkin totes. Halloween is the one holiday in which you can use your imagination and creativity to receive some goods. It’s easy. You wear a costume for the night and manage to grab handfuls of candy, win costume contests or even scare the wits out of passersby in a haunted house. But, not everything has to be frightening!

For instance, incentive programs provide an reliable tool for rewarding employee or sales performance, drive customer traffic and retain customers. Many retailers, distributors and wholesalers are implementing incentive marketing as a cost-effective motivator for employees and customers. Keeping good customers and boosting motivation for employees are essential to the company’s bottom line. Here’s how incentives programs are almost like trick-or-treating for candy on Halloween:

  1. Giveaways Are Key – On Halloween night, we give out candy (other tasty treats too if you’re lucky) to tiny trick-or-treaters roaming the neighborhood. It excites the joy of giving and receiving. As for our travel incentives programs, you can give away a travel getaway. Studies have shown that businesses that have used vacation travel incentives in their marketing promotions have seen at least a 30% increase in sales. Why? Because to consumers, a getaway is worth a ton!
  2. Endless Possibilities – The night’s scavenge for Halloween treats can end with a number of possibilities. You may get an assortment of lollipops, chocolate, gum or sour treats. You never quite know what you’ll end up with at each door you knock. The same is for incentives programs. The possibilities are endless! Grand Incentives offers a range of incentives programs from gas rebates and gift cards to travel certificates and gift rebates. By implementing incentives marketing, you give the customer a chance to create lasting memories. Who will they remember? You.
  3. Fun and Customizable – If you ask anyone what Halloween celebrates, you’ll get a range of answers. Some might suggest Halloween is all about scary haunted houses, creative pumpkin carving, the costume parties or even attending the fall festivals. The fun factor and varied options give the holiday universal appeal, and gift rebates are no different. People really get into free vacation and restaurant gift cards. It’s up to you to choose the most attractive incentive for your customers.
  4. Influence Behavior – In order to get your treats, you’re always expected to arrive in full costume with all the glitz and glam. You can’t just arrive at any door in plain clothes expecting to go away with something. New reward technology is taking the simple archetype of “do something, get something” to a whole new level. Today, marketers are able to leverage the rebate incentive interaction to achieve better results for the same or less investment. Deliver programs that allow the intersection of value, choice and convenience and you will drive a stronger relationship with the consumer, driving long-term satisfaction and loyalty.
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