Getting Personal: Interview with Jason Rennie

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Interview with Jason Rennie

Our company IT Manager. His résumé reads something like: certified ninja, human duct tape (if he can’t fix it no one can), holiday party karaoke machine, island man from St. Croix, father of two and superhuman password mind. Chuck Norris and the Old Spice guy better watch out.

Meet Jason Rennie

Jason Rennie Cartoon

Q: What’s your favorite game?
Jason: Words With Friends, but also chess and poker. You have to think many steps ahead, get in the mind of your opponent.

Q: Describe your kids in six words.
Jason: Pride and joys of my life

Q: What YouTube video would you recommend to someone having a bad day?
Jason: My Redeemer Lives – Dick & Rick Hoyt (<– this is seriously inspirational stuff)

Q: Any weekend hobbies?
Jason: Playing instruments: keyboard, guitars, drums… can extend to karaoke! Musical styles are mostly Caribbean, reggae and calypso.

Q: What’s normally your first thought when you wake up?
Jason: Thank God for another day.

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