Take the Road Well-Traveled

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Take the Road Well-Traveled

The simple solution to increasing sales

By Lisa Codianne Fowler

It’s no secret that everyone loves to save money, and it’s a fact that people will modify their purchasing behavior to get something they want for free. Incentives influence people and produce results. And promotional travel incentives consistently outperform every other type of consumer offer, even cash.

Yet many companies make the costly mistake of cutting their prices or over promising results in order to move more products or services. The fact is, whether you own a business, promote and sell network marketing opportunities, weight loss products, vitamins and nutritionals, travel programs, fitness products and programs, extended warranties, continuity programs, memberships, subscriptions, luggage, electronics or even financial products, adding value is the most reliable method to making more sales and maintaining higher profit margins.

Promotional travel incentives can be seamlessly integrated into your campaigns to reduce marketing costs and ensure immediate, quantifiable results. The easiest way to use an incentive in this way is to create a trigger, i.e., simply put out the word.

“Buy a new (product or service) and receive a seven-night luxury resort stay for two.” Or “Spend (minimum dollar amount) and receive an exotic four-night cruise.” Many businesses successfully use the three-day, two-night getaway for appointment setting or to get referrals.

Not only do these trip incentives fit American lifestyles, they carry an extremely high perceived value. The perception-to-actual cost ratio is often as great as 10:1, unrivaled by any other form of incentive premium.

Sometimes the easy path is the right one. Incentives are the simple solution.

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