Who Rescued Who?

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Dogs in need tug at my heartstrings. And at Grand Incentives, I’m certainly not alone. The company is an advocate, among many other charitable causes, of dog rescue. Between our CEO, COO, Executive VP (who rescues and fosters) and me alone, dozens of dogs that would have barely survived have become totally pampered pooches.

It’s been just about six months since I brought home Giselle, a tiny shivering long-haired Chihuahua… the newest member of our GI canine family.

Lisa enjoying a sunset at the beach with her dogsAt four pounds, she was clearly malnourished. But that’s not all. She had been living with a pit bull and a brood of attack chickens, leaving her with a scratched cornea and fearful of pretty much everything. She didn’t bark, kept her tail between her legs, and except for shaking, hardly moved.

Flashback to Mimi, Giselle’s predecessor, a Chihuahua that frightened off 100-pound dogs, chased trucks and gave the mailman a run for his money. Inside our home, she was as sweet as could be, and immediately bonded with Sadie, our rescue English Springer Spaniel.

Lisa and her dog Giselle

Lisa with her dog Giselle

Mimi was just eight years old when we lost her to cancer late last year. I was despondent.

Shortly afterward, I went hunting for another little one to rescue and found Giselle. With a bit of patience and a lot of nurturing, today she is a whopping five pounds. While she’ll probably never rule the neighborhood like Mimi did, she’s definitely come out of her shell. She barks occasionally, plays a lot, wags her tail with gusto and snuggles up to me every chance she gets.

Research shows that living with pets lowers your blood pressure, lessens anxiety, boosts immunity and is good for your heart. Giselle sure mended mine.

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