Success Story: Car Dealerships Fuel Sales with Gas Rebates

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Success Story: Car Dealerships Fuel Sales with Gas Rebates

The Convert Gas to Cash rebate consistently attracts existing and new customers.


Increase prospective buyers into dealership by a minimum of 25 percent during one-month promotions.Gas Rebate


Use the Convert Gas to Cash rebate to increase traffic into dealership, thereby optimizing opportunities for new car sales.


Many car dealers have used our gas rebates as a tool to draw people into their dealerships to do test drives. By using these rebates they consistently receive a 30-35 percent increase in on-site prospects, exceeding their expectations by five to ten percent.  Experience has shown that it makes sense to use this type of rebate to draw consumers in, because they not only will receive cash back for the gas that they used to drive to the dealership, but they can use the rebate toward future purchases as well.

About Convert Gas to Cash

Rebates, in general, appeal to all consumers; allow you to capture enhanced demographic information and provide access to new marketing outlets. Gas rebates, in particular, are already in high demand. Convert Gas to Cash provides up to $40 in cash back. Imagine how appreciative your customers will be when they realize you can help safeguard them against imminent soaring fuel prices – and – immediately, positively and tangibly impact their bottom line? Gas rebate incentives are bound to enhance yours.

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