Getting Personal: Interview with Lisa Codianne Fowler

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Getting Personal: Interview with Lisa Codianne Fowler

Grand Incentives’ cultured Corporate Communications Director. What has this award-winning travel writer given us? Sophistication, laughter and Chihuahuas. Wit and high heels have never left such an impression!

Meet Lisa Codianne Fowler

Cartoon of Lisa with her Chihuahua

Q: What’s the most exotic food you’ve ever eaten?
Lisa: How can I put this delicately? It was the marinated private part of some poor deer. In China, it’s widely held that eating it or grinding it into your wine before you drink it is a most effective aphrodisiac. Don’t ask me if it worked!

Q: Name four passions you have.
Lisa: Dog rescue, Travel, Words, Travel

Q: Favorite place on earth?
Lisa: I’ve been all over the world and Sarasota is my favorite spot on the planet. It’s got award-winning beaches, big city culture and small town charm.

Q: When writer’s block strikes, where do you find inspiration?
Lisa: I go out on our lakeside deck and talk with the turtles. They’re quite articulate.

Q: Describe your sense of fashion.
Lisa: Eclectic! I love hats, bold jewelry, bright colors and black. Oh, and when I travel, I devote one suitcase just to shoes.

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