Featured Product: $25 Gift Rebates

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Featured Product $25 Gift Rebates

Why are they so effective?

Cash doesn’t talk. It screams.

  1. Influencing consumer behavior $25 Gift Rebate Form

New research shows that consumers are voraciously demanding promotions and incentives that fit their lifestyle. This is great news, because new reward technology is taking the simple archetype of “do something, get something” to a whole new level. Today, marketers are able to leverage the rebate incentive interaction to achieve better results for the same or less investment.

In order to reach the new consumer, marketers must realign their strategies to deliver on the shift in economic and purchasing behaviors. One tactic that has come back into vogue due to this new consumer profile is consumer incentives. According to consumer research, this new consumer not only wants rewards, but wants rewards and other incentives that fit into a hyper-connected, fast-paced lifestyle. Specifically, they demand:

  • Value: 83 percent are proactively seeking out rebates, 79 percent have changed their shopping habits due to budget constraints, and 60 percent always look for the best price.
  • Convenience: 58 percent prefer online submissions, and 48 percent of consumers would choose an offer with an online submission over a mail-in.
  • Choice: 84 percent of consumers prefer the ability to choose their reward, and a majority of respondents value a choice in reward across multiple categories such as retail, dining and fuel.

Deliver programs that allow the intersection of value, choice and convenience and you will drive a stronger relationship with the consumer, driving long-term satisfaction and loyalty.

  1. Different for everyone, relevant to anyone

Gift rebates have universal appeal. The same features may appeal to different people for different reasons. A college student might appreciate a restaurant gift card to save on dining expenses; a couple might view it as “an excuse” for a long-overdue date night. Same feature, different benefits to different people… depending on their needs and wants.

When you are looking for a product or an opportunity  which do you care most about… the facts and details … or how the product or the opportunity will change your prospect’s life for the better? Speak to your customers’ deepest wants and needs and they will line up to buy from you.

  1. Everybody loves cash back

From a consumer standpoint, rebates stand out from the flood of specials, coupons, discounts and other price-oriented deals that come from almost every credit card and every retailer. In today’s economy, all those discounts are one big generic blur. You will not get credit in the consumer’s mind for your concessions. Rebates, however are a different story.

You’re not only giving your prospects exactly what they want, but also desperately need… cash back. That’s huge!

To learn more about how to use the $25 Gift Rebate to improve acquisition, activation, retention and renewal, call 941.552.7885 or email sales@grandincentives.com.

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