Getting Personal: Interview with Rachael Varga

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Getting Personal: Interview with Rachael Varga

Our brilliant Program Development Manager. Website creator, lead gen maker, marketing guru, SEO master, nighttime baby soother, coffee specialist… What doesn’t Rachael do?!Cartoon Rachael

Q: What’s your favorite family activity?
Rachael: Going on walks. Baby goes in the stroller and Ethan takes his YBike (it looks like a little motorcycle).

Q: Do you have anything unusual in your purse?
Rachael: Band-Aids and a nail clipper. Is that unusual? Oh, I have a medicine dropper. You never know when you’ll need to administer Ibuprofen or Tylenol to kids!

Q: What amazes you?
Rachael: A lot. The ordinary yet unusual day-to-day stuff. Like an act of kindness.

Q: If you could make a movie out of any book, what would you pick?
Rachael: Ooooh, I’ve always wished they would make a movie out of a book I read a while ago… (Performs quick Google search about Sci-Fi novel in a labyrinth of caves)…. Subterranean by James Rollins! This makes me want to read it again!

Q: What do you listen to when you’re driving?
Rachael: Radio stations – 93.3 and 101.5 out of Tampa. They play today’s hits.

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