What a Kick!

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What a Kick!

Only two out of twenty people knew how to play. But that didn’t keep the employees of Grand Incentives from forming an official Manatee County kickball team and jumping in with both feet. After studying the Official Kickball Rules Book and three practice sessions later, the GI Kickball team made its debut against “Kick in a Box”.  

Kick in a Box has been playing competitively for three years – and they’re the second best team in the league – which might have had some bearing on the final score, which will go unreported here.  And there was only one bloody injury, sustained by Elijah Smith. However, the following week, playing against “Your Foot, My Balls”, GI kicked butt from a quality of play standpoint, with Jahyr Yepes emerging as the star player.

The brainchild of Tracey Rider and organized with the help of Jessica Brady, the team is nothing if not high-spirited. Weekly practices include spouses, significant others and kids. During games, friends, relatives and co-workers fill the bleachers to cheer on the team. Both team members and supporters exhibit great passion for the sport.

“These are all strong personalities; there are no weak-minded people out there,” says Jessica about the level of intensity displayed. “It makes for a good show. And next week, we’re gonna win!”

Games are held Friday evenings at GT Bray Recreational Park in Bradenton, Florida. The season runs through June 28, 2013.

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