Getting Personal: Interview with Larry Biondi

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Getting Personal: Interview with Larry Biondi

Grand Incentives’ colorful Chief Operations Officer. It’s rumored that Larry holds the Guinness World Record for telling funny stories based on first-hand experience. It’s no wonder. From the boardroom of corporate giants to the taproom, ballroom, tearoom and Oval Room, this guy has been around. 

Meet Larry

Cartoon LarryQ.  What is your favorite story to tell?
Larry: The one about the time I spent four days in Thailand with Robert Kennedy Jr. getting the inside scoop on the Kennedy mystique.

Q.  Any travel plans in the near future?
Larry: Yes. A Big Apple wedding coming up and a cruise to Mexico in the fall.

Q.  What kind of music do you like listen to?
Larry: R&B, slow jazz and… country Italian!

Q.  What is your favorite type of cuisine?
Larry: Anything seafood and all Italian.

Q.  Where did you grow up?
Larry: The streets of Brooklyn, New York. Ya know what I’m sayin’?

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    Larry, Why are all the Facebook fans for Grand Incentives Colombian and half naked?

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