Don’t Worry, Be Happy

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Don't Worry, Be Happy

By: Alyssa Villarreal

Sometimes, your happiness depends on what you’re not doing. It’s an easy equation of addition and subtraction, without all the numerals. By subtracting the negative, unhappy emotions you can eliminate stress and add happiness. On a scale of 1 to Mickey Mouse, how happy are you at your workplace? You’ll soon find that being happy at work, and nice to your employees and co-workers is not only good karma – but also good for business.

Here are a few things that you may not realize you’re doing, but it’s not too late to fix them!

  1. Stay Positive!
    Friends don’t let friends complain – they’re around to help to make our lives better. No one likes a whiner, especially at the workplace. If something goes wrong, don’t waste all your energy grumbling about the situation. Instead, use that energy to create a positive solution. Why waste time just talking about an issue, when you can just fix it?
  2. Cheer Up, Chuck!
    Why so serious? Turn that pout a good 180-degrees and put on a charming – and believable – grin. It’s scientifically proven that smiling releases happy endorphins from your brain which can automatically make you feel better. So, show those pearly whites and release your best asset! You never know whose day you’ve made just by passing on a smile.
  3. Mistakes are OK!
    Let’s stop pointing our fingers and making accusations against others. Instead of the blame game, learn to understand that people often make mistakes. They help us grow and learn from our experiences. When things are about to go the wrong route, take the high road and accept responsibility. Taking accountability is empowering and quite frankly – it looks really good on you!
  4. Have More Fun!
    Sure, you’re the boss and you hold some entitlement – however, learn to understand that the only thing you can truly control is yourself. Never obsess over the things you can’t control. This also goes for conversations and arguments – don’t always go to (or win) every argument you’re invited to.
  5. Always Be Yourself!
    Everyone is writing their own story every day. Everyone is starting out at a different direction, and on a different pace. Stop comparing yourself to others and get in tune with what makes you, YOU. As the great Dr. Seuss once wrote, “Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You!” Besides, you have no clue where someone else’s journey is leading them.
  6. Don’t Worry, Be Happy!
    Business tip #7847583: Do not sweat the small stuff, because in the end it really just is small stuff. Worrying can increase your body’s stressors and instill fear in the workplace. We all worry: about what can happen, what will happen, what just happened. Put your worries aside and just do something. Do anything. Otherwise the day is gone, the months go by and today is lost forever.
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