What’s So Special about Travel?

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What's So Special about Travel?

By Ruth Michel

Why reward anyone with travel? Wouldn’t your customer or employee prefer a Visa gift card? Perhaps, but that could easily pay for a cable or gas bill. Give it six months and that’s forgotten. Yet travel – that is something you never forget. It generally excites!

Travel Is Memorable

Some of my most poignant memories involve exploring new territories: taking an elevator to the top of the Sear’s Tower in kindergarten, losing my brother at Niagara Falls a few years later, trying to spot the president from Pennsylvania Avenue in high school and taking 15 blurry photos of Le Louvre’s Mona Lisa in college. If a customer associates travel memories with your brand, you’ll have a place in his or her heart.

Travel Is Rejuvenating

You know the story – America is full of overworked, underpaid people. Most of us need a break (or two), so give it to your stakeholders. They’re not going to relax at home as they fill the dishwasher before busing kids to basketball practice. Relaxation requires a change of environments, preferably one you can sunbathe in. Travel is more than an adventure; it’s a healthy respite that reduces stress.

Travel Is Inspiring

New experiences, better sleep, tasty food, family time and “me” time result in a whole new perspective. If your employees go on a vacation, they’ll return with ideas and increased creativity. A short trip could make a world of difference.

Travel Is Brag-Worthy

Nothing makes you more popular on Facebook than an adorable photo of your five-year-old hugging Mickey with an ice cream cone in hand. Travel gives you an arsenal of funny, break-the-mold stories, not the same wake-up-work-eat-dinner-repeat conversations. People are proud of passport stamps, and your brand can benefit.

Travel Is Customizable

No two vacations are the same. You can take your mom, family or best friend. You can go to Cancun, then Las Vegas, then the Poconos, or Orlando three times and still not see all its theme parks. You can choose winter or summer, cruise or road trip, resort or hotel. There’s something for everyone and the potential to make everyone happy on their terms. You can’t say that about much.

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