A Valentine’s Day KISS

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A Valentine’s Day KISS

Keep It Simple, Sweetie!

Here are some great tips for regaining control of your life. Good advice, yes; new concepts, no. Think of them as “forget-me-nots”, and remember to share the love.

  1. It is about time. About 65% of people spend their leisure time doing things they do not enjoy. Make a list of what you want to do versus what you need to do and prioritize accordingly.
  2. Less is more. Yes, this may be obvious, but many people fail to recognize it. Reduce the clutter in your life; whether it’s things that hold no value for you, unnecessary activities that sap your time or people who drain your energy.
  3. Just say NO. “The truly free man is he who can decline a dinner invitation without giving an excuse!” Once you learn how to tell people “No,” you will find you will not only have more time to put back in your life, but you will also experience less anxiety about the need to live up to the expectations you allow others to place on you.
  4. Look forward, not back. Constantly look forward to the changes you plan to make and the effects those changes will have. To help you in the task of looking forward, create a timeline or a set of defined goals to help keep you focused on the future – not on the past.
  5. What really matters is… what really matters!  Many of us work hard, long hours and rarely take a break. Stop, refocus, and take a vacation. Even a three-day, two-night getaway can help to refresh body, mind and soul.
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