Don’t Wait for New Year’s

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Don't Wait for New Year's

By Ruth Michel

New Year’s Day always reminds us to keep improving. It’s a time for reflection and gym membership signups. And as you know, gym membership usually ends up as a wasted line in your budget.

Goals are great, but we tend to lose motivation. Instead of waiting until New Year’s to make an annual resolution, consider integrating small improvements into your life. Start today with one of these easy actions.

Cut Out One Thing

You can set out to lose 50 pounds, get frustrated and tired, and give up ‘til 2014, or you can cut out one thing from your diet. Eliminate the creamer from your coffee, the cookies from your daily Subway meal or the soda from your fast-food runs. One easy change and you’ll feel empowered to make another! Success will keep you motivated.

Add One Thing

Let’s say you want to learn more about technology in your industry. Add one activity to your routine that will improve this. Sign up for an email newsletter or RSS feed from an organization or business that discusses the tech side of what you do. Or join the technology committee of a professional or local organization. Or read 20 minutes of a relevant book each day. You’re one step will get you educated and inspired to make meaningful improvements to your work.

Replace One Thing

There might be a lot of leftover turkey this season, but going cold turkey is not always the best idea. (Anyone who has experienced caffeine headaches is shaking her head in agreement.) One thing that helps is replacing your bad or tired habit with a better one. Exchange Farmville for gardening, time spent watching The Voice for playing with the kids, or weekly lottery ticket money for retirement savings. Your newfound delight will lessen any separation anxiety.

The point is to make manageable, meaningful changes to your life – changes that will stick, even if they’re small. What one thing will you try changing today?

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