5 Ideas to Make Your Content More Relevant

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5 Ideas to Make Your Content More Relevant

By Ruth Michel

If you’re not relevant, then you’re like a muted TV. Yeah you’re there, but no one is paying any attention.

Fortunately this is an easy mistake to avoid. Here are a few ideas to take your content from deleted to shared. Believe me, your email clickthroughs, response rates, Facebook likes, SEO, media hits and sales will thank you.

1. Target by Location

Location is especially important if you live in America. Let’s face it, Hawaii is different from Idaho, which is different from Texas, which is different from Maine. What is important to people where they live? Keep writing that copy about flip-flops for your Florida audience in November, but stick to boots and galoshes in New Hampshire. The more local you get, the more people realize you’re talking to them. I mean, if Coca-Cola showed a customer ordering a soda in the local pizza joint I love, I’d watch!

2. Piggyback Off Events

This could be international – the Olympics, national – a presidential election, or local – a community Relay for Life. Events get people pumped up for a cause, and you can take advantage of that excitement. If someone is passionate about country music and you associate your brand with the CMT Music Awards, then you automatically boost the likelihood of that fan reading your ad or blog post.

3. Celebrate the Holidays

Everyone likes holidays. You get time off, eat delicious food, make memories with family and friends, exchange gifts and wear festive clothing. Who doesn’t want their product linked to that? In fact, if you’re not already capitalizing off of Black Friday, holiday shoppers and fuzzy Valentine’s hoo-ha, then you have some catching up to do. The new year is right around the corner!

4. Show Off Your Generosity

A natural benefit of Corporate Social Responsibility is positive press. I’m sure your customers let everyone know when you mess up, so it’s okay to reveal your good heartedness every once and a while. Certain causes can themselves be trendy, such as your efforts to go green. Others become relevant with timing, such as speaking out about racial inequality during Black History Month. Just don’t go overboard. People can separate the genuine from the greedy self-absorbed.

5. Cater to Your Demographic

I appreciate it when people get me. Research your audience; talk to them; read what they’re saying on social media. Tell stories they can relate to. Better yet, use their stories, photos and ideas. Not only does this ensure you’re on track content-wise, but user-generated content also humanizes your brand and gives people a reason to share your content.

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