“The Early Bird Catches the Worm”

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By Stacy Sternberg

Just out of curiosity, when the alarm clock on your phone rings at (X) am, is your first thought, “Uhhhhh,” followed shortly by, “Five more minutes”?

I used to find my hand continually reaching for the snooze button until that critical moment where snooze could no longer taunt me, and I would have to get up or consequently be late. Until my feet hit the floor and the light is on, I am in danger zone! I have a sneaking suspicion that if you are not a morning bird, you can relate.

Here’s the deal: there are simple ways to help wean yourself off ‘snooze button addiction’ and I am going to share them with you.

First and foremost, be happy you have a job! Turn on the news and realize how good you’ve got it! You are lucky that your alarm clock is ringing at 6am on Monday morning. You have worked hard to be in that position; relish in it. Instead of thinking about how tired you are or blah blah blah, think Wa-Bam, I get to go to work today. I got the skills to pay the bills!

If you are as lucky as I am, think about how much you actually love your job. Consider the cool and interesting people you work with, and know if you get out of bed and are on time, awake and ready to groove, then your coworkers will catch that vibe. Who doesn’t want their workplace to be happy and positive? People will want to be around you because you are a dependable person who woke up and got to work on time. Not a lame butt who can’t hang with the big dogs!

Because you left your dwelling at a reasonable time, you don’t have to stress about how late you are going to be. Instead, you can think about that practical joke you want to play on your friend at work – in my case, the IT guy. He keeps tapping my shoulder when I am at my computer. When I turn my head, he is on the other side laughing. This is a regular thing. Or… he will sneak up on me and put a cold bottle of water on my shoulder, which always makes me jump. Because I have stopped hitting the snooze button and have actually had time to wake up before I get to work, I have had time to plan my revenge. I am still deciding between putting blue food coloring in his coffee or giving him Harry-Potter–vomit-flavored jellybeans. (By the way, feel free to respond to this post if you have any other ideas or comments!)

So what can we glean out of this?

The morning doesn’t have to be awful. A million thoughts can run through your mind in 10 seconds, and instead of wasting them on, “Uhhhh” or “Five more minutes”, smile and say, “Today’s going to be a good day.” Then, go and make it one!

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