From Blogs to Books, Every Reader Has a Style

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From Blogs to Books, Every Reader Has a Style

By Ruth Michel

Ever heard the phrase “leaders are readers”? That’s because reading is revealing. It teaches you about yourself and your world, and sometimes, worlds you knew nothing about. It’s a quick cure for ignorance; and creativity, development and excellence are its allies.

If you’re reading this blog post, then I’m going to assume you agree to some extent. Good, I won’t belabor this point. Now, what I’ve realized is that we all need to discover our reading style. What works with your lifestyle, is productive and gets you all tantalized about cracking a book?

“If it’s free it’s for me!”

A friend of mine likes to wear out that phrase. Many of us don’t put a line in our budget for books but enjoy reading. The first option is the old-fashioned one – visit a library. They’re easy to join, just bring a photo ID and proof you live in the area. Apart from late fines, it won’t dent your wallet. Did you know that most libraries let you borrow ebooks now to download onto your Kindle or e-reader? Browse your libraries website or enter your zip code on

If you’re an e-reader, also check out Amazon’s Free Popular Classics and Google’s Top Free in Books. There’s always swapping books with friends and coworkers. And it goes without mention that the internet is full of free news articles and blogs if you like to get your reading in small bites.

Make it a Social Affair

Perhaps you love talking about what you read. There’s no shame in that. After all, sharing perspectives will deepen your understanding of texts. If this is motivation for you, pick books that will spark conversation, whether it’s the latest crowd pleaser like the The Hunger Games or a cutting-edge book on your industry to wow your coworkers. If casual conversations aren’t enough, you can always join a local book club. Ok, so that can be intense and constraining – then go online! Start discussions on Facebook or make an account on a social network designed just for bookies like goodreads.

Become a Multi-Tasking Commuter

My best friend’s job requires her to drive around for hours every day. Her solace? Audiobooks. This is one of my favorite ways to soak up literary goodness, too. You’d be surprised how many books you can digest on even a 20-minute daily commute. If you spend a lot of time on public transportation, download podcasts and audiobooks on your iPod, tablet or smartphone. Sometimes I’ll even sneak in a chapter while I’m cleaning.

Dig in Deep

I’ve heard you can become an expert on a topic by reading a book on it every month for a year. This can make your book nook seem like a real investment. Focus on your professional knowledge with a subject like management, mobile marketing or startups. Or, take on an interest like parenting or the history of WWII.

Light and Green

Reading an eReader Instead of BooksInstead of weighing your luggage down, buying bookshelves and using up trees, many enjoy the glow-in-the-dark e-reader. These sleek devices keeping improving and falling in price. There’s also a growing number of options with Kindles, NOOKs, Google eReaders and a scattering of lesser-known options. Even an iPad might serve your purposes. Some people just like the feel of holding a book, but you’ll never know you don’t like the feeling of a Kindle unless you try it! Most of the readers even have highlighting and note-taking features.

With smartphones, tablets and laptops galore, it’s easier than ever to read the news, too!

So tell us, what’s your reading style?

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