15 Famous Haunted Hotels – Part 3 of 3

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15 Famous Haunted Hotels – Part 3 of 3
By Julian Russi

How was your Halloween? Ours was great! But in case you haven’t celebrated this occasion, I have prepared a new roundup featuring the final five haunted hotels on the list. From an old Mexican hostel to an English castle, this finale will definitely give you the creeps.

Hotel Del Coronado – San Diego, California

This fancy hotel located next to San Diego’s shore has been the refuge of a ghost for over a hundred years. The ghost responds to the name Kate Morgan, a young lady who committed suicide after being left by her husband. Since then, guests who stay in room 3327 have claimed to see weird phenomenons such as temperature fluctuation, floating objects and even seeing the lady’s ghostly silhouette.

Hotel Emporio – Zacatecas, México

This 17th century hotel was once one of Mexico’s most popular, until people started telling stories about hearing mysterious noises and feeling goosebumps while staying there. If you want to experience all the energy of this place, then make sure you reserve room number 107.

Castle Stuart – Invernesshire, Scotland

If you’re planning to spend a haunted honeymoon experience, then this old English castle is the right choice for you. The legend says that the spirit of an old poacher and the Earl of Moray haunt the castle, especially at the top of the East Tower, which now acts as the honeymoon suite.

Queen Mary Hotel – Long Beach, California

There’s a funny story behind this hotel. During its active years, the RMS Queen Mary only experienced one fatal accident related to a crash with another boat; then it docked in Long Beach and things began to get scary. First, a small girl drowned in the second class pool. Then, a woman was killed at the first class change room. In recent years, guests have claimed to see these two women walking in their bathing suits and even leaving wet foot prints next to the pool.

Hotel Black Swan – Stonehenge, UK

This is definitely one of the most haunted lodgings on the list. Guests visit with the hope of getting in touch with spirits by using crystal pendulums and other artifices. The Black Swan Hotel was built in front of the square where the city’s gibbet used to be. It’s no wonder why many ghosts can be seen walking across its halls.

That wraps it up. Which hotel do you think is the scariest? Do you know other hotels that didn’t make the cut? Please leave us your opinion in the Comments section.

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