How to Have a Stressless Vacation

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Making sure your vacation is stressless while worrying about work can be a difficult task. I have found myself checking my email every 10 minutes just to make sure everything is staying on task. However, you can still keep in touch with work without making your vacation all about work.

Here are some things to think about implementing before your next vacation.

Get the cloud
There may be times when you need a file you don’t have and realize it only after you’re relaxing in your room. Emailing attachments can be time consuming for your employees. Also, some files may be too large to send through email.

Google Docs is a great place to keep your files and have access to them as long as you have an internet connection.

Get a smartphone or tablet
Laptops can be bulky and hard to carry with you when out and about. More and more people are finding smartphones and tablets easier to use even when they have a laptop nearby. They’re also less intrusive when you’re in the car or relaxing poolside. Just make sure you have a mobile hotspot available so you can access the internet.

Know your data plan
Understand how your data plan works before you leave. If you are traveling to an area that doesn’t have the right coverage or you are going abroad, you may incur higher fees than you expected when you return. You may also want to upgrade parts of your plan like text messaging if you think you might be using more of it.

Assign a point-person
Find a person in the office that can take all inbound inquiries for you. Make sure this person knows what items need to be taken care of right away and what items can wait. It’s also a good idea to let them know what you are comfortable with them handling on their own. Get together with the entire team before leaving to let them know who your point-person is and that everything should go through them.

Set scheduled check-ins
Setting scheduled check-ins can be extremely beneficial to you and your point-person. Set a time that’s best for you and least likely to intrude on any other plans you had for the day.

You and your team can be very productive by setting up this kind of check-in. Your point-person can make sure they are available to do a quick phone call or instant message if necessary. Topics of discussion can be saved for times like this.

Don’t do the “Out of Office” reply
Why have it if you plan on being available? The people who need to know you are on vacation already know and you’ll just fill up inboxes by having one. It can also get annoying if the sender just needs to email you even if they know you might not respond right away.

Everything will be fine
As long as you have created the right expectations and set processes in place, everything will be fine while you’re gone. No matter how much you work while on vacation, there will be work waiting for you when you get back.

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