How to Blow Your Customers’ Minds

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How to Blow Your Customers' Minds

When was the last time you broke from your routine to surprise a customer, when taking time to help or bless them wasn’t going to immediately benefit the bottom line? If it’s been a while, then please watch the video below. As Ted Murphy, Founder and CEO of Izea says, “Creating that bond and creating a relationship is ultimately what drives customers to come back.”

This is as simple as showing customers that you care. Dare to exceed their expectations. Feature them in a blog post. Show up at the basketball game of that single mom who is always bragging about her sons’ mad shooting skills. Have the CEO take a few regulars to lunch, just to talk (not about business). Bake them (yes, with flour and eggs) a birthday cake. You do this, and they won’t dream of going anywhere else. They’ll also tell all their friends about how terribly wonderful you are.

For a minute, brainstorm about your business and ask yourself how you can make their day.

  • Are we listening to our customers’ complaints, praise, questions and excitement and responding to it in an advantageous manner?
  • How can we publicly recognize our valued customers?
  • Is our management making personal connections with customers?
  • How can we make our customers feel special?
  • Are we giving our customers good reasons to talk positively about us with their networks?
  • How can we thank customers?

We’d like to hear your ideas! How have you used unexpected generosity to turn a customer into a customer for life?

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