Integrity Matters

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Integrity Matters

Integrity Matters

Based on information from Investor’s Business Daily

Surveys show that integrity is the top quality people seek in a leader. It is vital to be a trustworthy part of your business. If employees do not believe in you as a boss, they will not follow the direction you set. Follow these tips to help weave integrity into your business’s DNA:

  1. Make it a priority.
    Integrity is essentially matching your actions up with your words. This requires a daily awareness of the consistency of your actions.
  2. Keep it Real.
    If you are not authentic, employees will see through your baloney.
  3. Check your Core.
    Maintain the same persona all the time.
  4. Act.
    For leaders, the old mantra is true – actions speak louder than words.
  5. Set the tone.
    Model the behavior you expect from others.
  6. Tell the world.
    Show your business and customers that integrity is a key part of how things are done. This means not only being a good example but also condoning the virtuous behavior of employees and reprimanding slipups.

If you’re following these simple rules, then you are weaving integrity into the company’s fabric (more than you might realize). When people see integrity as something broader, they say, “I can do that!” Just remember that it’s a difficult task to build your reputation and easy to ruin it. There are no off days.

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