Build Your B2B Brand Online

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Build Your B2B Brand

Build Your B2B Brand Online

Business-to-business purchasing decisions matter. Unlike buying yourself a neon green electric toothbrush, purchases you make on behalf of your company can affect many people, often some of whom control your paycheck. You don’t want to be responsible for the swivel chairs that constantly squeak and neither do your business’s clients. It’s important not only to offer quality products but also to develop a strong and reliable brand.

Here are six helpful tips from Bizo’s whitepaper “The Practical Guide to B2B Branding Online” that can beef up your B2B brand:

  1. Establish your company’s brand identity with the goals of building relationships and preparing prospects to buy.

A strong brand identity strengthens your business’s relationships on both a functional and emotional level. To build yours, organize a list of topics that captures what your brand is and has to offer consumers. Once you’ve summarized what you want to communicate about your brand, strategically infuse your logo, tagline, key messages, marketing communications, social media, advertising, etc., with these concepts.

  1. Know—and find—your target audience.

Research and define the audiences with which your brand interacts. Segment them into relevant groups. Instead of marketing to the masses, select the most relevant segments when you develop and distribute your advertising and communications materials.

  1. Communicate your company’s key messages and competitive advantage through your brand.

Take advantage of opportunities to reinforce your key messages and values by weaving your brand into your marketing strategy. The opposite can also be true. If one strategy is to emphasize your company’s competitive advantage, then make sure your brand reflects that.

  1. Drive more qualified leads with your brand by combining display advertising with search marketing.

According to a comScore study, display advertising can have a significant effect on the likelihood of your brand being remembered and appearing in organic search. Another study by the Atlas Institute reports a 22 percent increase in a company’s conversion rate as a result of using both search and display, as opposed to only search.

  1. Use your B2B brand to increase email conversions.

Also try to use display advertising before, during and/or after email blasts. This reinforces your brand through multiple channels and can increase the receptivity of your email campaign.

  1. Place your brand where your prospects are and incorporate retargeting.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term, retargeting is placing ads throughout the web for users who have already visited your site. Reinforcing your brand in front of prospects with proven interest is bound to increase ROI.

Which points would benefit your company’s B2B strategy?

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