Learning is a Lifestyle

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Learning is a Lifestyle

By Ruth Michel

Learning is a Lifestyle

Rick Mereki traversed 11 countries with his two buddies to produce LEARN. The mini-film is an inspiring flash of new experiences. Its challenge is simple – what efforts am I making to grow?

Personal and professional growth have been a goal of mine since I attended Student Leadership University. Its mantra is simple but genius:

I will be the same person tomorrow as I am today except for the people I meet, the places I go and the books I read.

Who are you meeting?

Every friend, coworker, family member and acquaintance has something to teach you, but you have to seek their wisdom. Dig a little deeper in your conversations. What is she passionate about? What experiences have shaped his life? Who does this person know? Consider attending that networking event or asking someone you admire to be your mentor.

Where are you going?

Travel and relocation open your eyes to beauty and new ways of living like no movie ever could. It’s a sure escape from your comfort zone. A few years ago, I immersed myself in French culture and discovered that what I thought was normal was strange to others. Some changes were annoying: I couldn’t stand up to shower or drink milk with dinner. Others I adopted: I stopped using unnecessary paper products and sat down to enjoy my breakfast.

What are you reading?

Here’s an easy way to learn what others spent lifetimes laboring over. Read multiple books on a topic to become an expert. Explore a subject you know nothing about. Read up on the latest technologies and surprise your coworkers with your knowledge. The possibilities are endless!

Your comfort zone can be your worst enemy…. What’s on your to-do list?

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