In Good Company

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In Good Company

In Good Company

Yodas, Ambassadors and Fat Brains

“I am not the smartest, but I surround myself with competent people.”
~ Henry Ford

I think it’s safe to say that Henry Ford had more than a mild degree of success. Love him or hate him, he rocked his work.

Can You Say The Same?

It’s 100% normal to hit those spots where you realize that you just haven’t done the “be all that you can be” part of your have-a-successful-life strategy. But it’s 0% acceptable to let that continue (if you want to rock your work like Henry Ford did).

So what do you do to turn things around in a hurry (and keep going in that upward direction)?

Surround Yourself with Sharp People

Gina Rudan, author of Practical Genius, says, “In order to take your genius to the next level, make a list of the top 25 people you want to be around.” Within this group, there should be three types of relationships: Yodas, Ambassadors, and Fat Brains.

  • Yodas are mentors who help you reach your dreams.
  • Ambassadors are promoters of your talents.
  • Fat brains are generation Y-ers, or 20 to 35-year olds. They are also known as digital natives. They are an incredible, untapped pool of genius available to everyone.

Take Action

Map out a way to build a relationship with the people on your list, whether it is a phone call, an email or an introduction from a friend. Meet with them and ask what made them successful. Listen carefully.

Life affords us many opportunities to meet some very incredible people. Find the good ones and take the time to get to know them. Chances are you’ll not only be inspired to unlock your potential, but will become an inspiration to others as well.

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