Big Hearts Give Back

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Big Hearts Give Back

By Ruth Michel

Big Hearts Give Back

The Heart Walk

Red hearts covered the front desk. Cheesecake and cookies tempted us to donate a dollar. The floor was full of T-shirts, and it wasn’t even Friday. It wasn’t Valentine’s Day either. It was time for the annual Heart Walk organized by the American Heart Foundation of Tampa Bay.

Grand Incentives came together to support our Director of Marketing, Christie, and so did 23 family members who walked by her side on November 5. If you had met Darian before, you would have bought some baked goods, too. With his ear-to-ear grin, it was hard to imagine the four open heart surgeries he had overcome since his birth in 2005. The congenital heart defect HLS (Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome) had made the number one killer in America, heart disease, personal to Christie.

Christie hit her thousand-dollar goal out of the park as $1, 870 trickled in. A whopping 1.5-million-dollar event meant she was not alone in her passion for advancing heart and stroke research and treatment.

“The support of my coworkers was overwhelming and will never be forgotten,” Christie said.

Employee Giving Programs

Whether it’s going green or fighting childhood obesity, the average company has its cause. So, how do you get your employees involved in the process? Involving them in a cause can increase loyalty, improve moral, humanize your business and please your brand advocates. Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • Workplace giving campaigns
    1. Find a cause or group of charities your business values.
    2. Make it optional for employees to make tax-friendly donations that come right out of their paychecks.
    3. Match their donations and double their giving power.
  • Volunteer time
    1. Once a year, host a day of service where your employees take a break from their daily duties to serve their community.
    2. Did a tornado or flood hit nearby? Encourage your employees to join clean-up efforts and support them with time off.
    3. Is the Muscular Dystrophy Association “arresting” local employees for their Lock-Up fundraiser? Let your department join in.
  • Donate goods
    1. Arrange for a bloodmobile to visit regularly.
    2. As the holidays approach, organize a food drive for the homeless or gift collection for local children.

Large or small-scale, charity is likely to produce warm-fuzzy feelings and a blessed community. How does your workplace give back?

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