A Grand Halloween

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A Grad Halloween

A Grand Halloween

One by one, my co-workers ambled by my little cubicle in our office at Grand Incentives. The questions continued throughout the day. Why is it blanketed in PINK… on Halloween?

Birthday? No. Wedding anniversary? No. Halloween?! Yes.

My space was awash in pink, with a dozen pink helium balloons; an extraordinary profusion of fragrant fresh flowers – roses, carnations and more – spilling over an oversized vase; a large pink piggy bank (the pig wearing a jeweled crown);Pink Halloween a pink-tinted book of “I am beautiful” affirmations for women; a Swarovski crystal-laden pink lighted mirror compact; a pink princess crown-shaped Mexican pinada, a pink crown-shaped pillow emblazoned with the word, “princess”, a pink evening purse, a crystal-embedded key on a gold chain and complementing silver/gold heart necklace with matching earrings; a paperweight featuring London’s Big Ben – in pink; a writers journal covered in pink embroidered fabric; pink heart-shaped post-it notes; pink Sharpies; a Christmas ornament of an eccentric yet glam-looking lady dressed in, well, you get the picture.

And so began a day of explaining, over and over again.

50-Plus Years Ago

There was this tiny little girl; two, three, four years old, at best. It’s her very first exposure to this odd American tradition/holiday we call Halloween. Her mama dresses her up as a fluffy, pink, princess. Thing is, she’s so tiny, she’s more fluff than anything else.

The neighborhood kids are a mix of ages, yet all tower over this doll-sized girl. She’s diminutive, she’s shy, and she’s quite dubious about the task at hand. Where are we going… and why? And why must I carry this shopping bag? The little princess wanted to stay home, drink warm milk and go to sleep.

Instead, she was told to follow the big kids around, from house to house for what seemed like an eternity; her little legs moving as fast as they could to keep up with the others. She stood quietly behind them at each door, grownups generously pouring candy and treats into the bags of all the children they could see. She was not one of them.

Two hours later, she was finally home. Her shopping bag was empty. And yes, the little girl was me.

Ever After

When I met my husband 15 years ago, I shared this story. He said it was the saddest he’d ever heard (he may have led a sheltered life). He loved Halloween and was dismayed that I didn’t. Every year since then, he has showered me with anything pink and everything princess. And lots and lots of candy.

On a More Traditional Note

We had not one but five winners for our Grand Incentives annual Halloween costume contest! Coming in at first place for the scariest was our IT guy, Chad, dressed as death. Second place went to Marianna for her hot little red devil outfit, and third was shared by our hockey-fanatic art director David, science-fiction-obsessed Internet Marketing Strategist Carly and color-loving Member Service Agent Carolina.

While I didn’t enter the competition, my cubicle won hands-down for prettiest in PINK.

Editorial by Lisa Codianne Fowler

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