Top 5 Reasons to Give Away a Get Away

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Top 5 Reasons to Give Away a Get Away

Top 5 Reasons to Give Away a Get Away

Let there be no doubt about it: people are traveling. U.S. leisure travel alone is a multi-BILLION-dollar industry. Why? Because everyone loves to travel. Sure, when times are tough, consumers might forgo that two-week trip to the French Riviera, but they don’t give up their one-tank trips.

1. On the road again.

Studies show that – in good times and in bad – Americans take more mini-vacations than extended ones, especially to destinations within driving distance of their own backyards. In fact, the U.S. Travel Association (USTA) reports that 76% of leisure travelers prefer driving as their primary means of transportation to and from their vacation destinations.

2. Do us a favor, take a vacation.

According to the USTA, the measurable benefits of taking vacations are all over the map, from lowering the risk of a heart attack to improving job performance. Here are a just few of their scientific findings:

Health Benefits

  • An annual vacation can cut a person’s risk of heart attack by 50%.
  • Blood pressure, heart rate and levels of epinephrine (a stress hormone) decline on getaways of just one or two days.
  • Travelers rate their health one full point higher (on a scale of 1 to 5) while on vacation. They also get three times more deep sleep after their vacation and sleep almost 20 minutes longer after their vacation.

Relationship, Educational and Cultural Benefits

  • Women who take more vacations are more satisfied with their marriages.
  • A clear majority of students who traveled on an international exchange program felt they had become more trusting, open-minded, flexible, confident and tolerant as a result of their travel experiences.
  • Even the anticipation of vacation travel generates an increase in positive feelings about one’s life as a whole, family, economic situation and health.

Career and Productivity Benefits

  • Three out of four executives believe that vacations are necessary for them to prevent burnout (78%) or that vacations improve their personal job performance (75%). Nearly as many – two out of three – believe that vacations improve their creativity (68%).
  • Travelers experience a 25% increase in performance on vigilance tests after returning from vacation – travelers 45 or older show a 50% increase of performance.
  • There’s a good chance the benefits of vacation will go straight to the bottom line. According to a study by American Express, more than a third of small-business owners say their best ideas come during their downtime.

3. Who takes vacations?

Everyone loves to travel. Think about it. Women like romantic getaways. Men like golf destinations and casinos. Families flock to Orlando; couples enjoy the beach.

So… who are your customers? According the USTA:

  • Families make up 30% of all U.S. leisure travelers and take an average of 4.5 trips each year.
  • Gen Xers (born 1965 – 1980) make up 31% and take an average of 3.5 trips per year.
  • Gen Yers (born after 1980) make up 12 % and take an average of 3.9 trips every year.
  • Baby Boomers (born 1946 – 1964) represent 36% of all U.S. leisure travelers and take an average of 4.3 leisure trips annually.
  • Mature Travelers (born before 1946) represent 21%, taking an average of 4.1 leisure trips each year.

No matter your customer demographic, travel holds a tremendously wide appeal.

4. Can you imagine the value of a getaway to your customer?

More than any other type of promotion, travel drives sales. Though trendy, MP3 players, video games, eBook readers, digital cameras, portable play stations and other hard incentives simply don’t compare from a price or perceived value standpoint. Studies have shown that businesses that have used vacation travel incentives in their marketing promotions have seen at least a 30% increase in sales.

Why? Because to consumers, a getaway is worth a LOT. It’s a chance to take a break from the daily grind… to finally reunite with family and friends, to get close to nature, go shopping, re-energize.

They can perhaps escape to Vegas for some great gambling, treat the kids to a weekend in Orlando or breathe in the cool, crisp air of the Poconos.

5. The possibilities are endless.

Give them this chance to create lasting memories, and who will they remember? You.

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