6 Success Secrets for Strategic Thinking

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6 Success Secrets for Strategic Thinking

6 Success Secrets for Strategic Thinking

Are you a Strategic Entrepreneur – or just an Opportunity Seeker? Studies have shown that 80% of small business ownership fails within the first 5 years and 90 % within 10 years. Most were getting results opposite to what they originally envisioned and most were Opportunity Seekers and not Strategic Entrepreneurs.

Which one are you?

  1. Are you doing the few things that you’re both good at and that give you an advantage in the marketplace?
  2. Are you positioned to know what the essential steps are to get you to where you want to go?
  3. Are you doing things quickly? Are they falling into place? Are you getting the desired results?

Here are 6 Secrets to get you closer to your goals:

Success Secret #1:

Play where you can win – by doing the things you do best. Play to your strengths. Strategic Entrepreneurs play in their ballpark and not in someone else’s.

Success Secret #2:

Isolate and operate in your business’s “Sweet Spot”: Ever play golf or tennis? When you hit that perfect spot, the ball just pings — there’s no stress, and it goes where you want it to go. This is where your Strength, Passion, Resources and Market Opportunity intersect. Opportunity Seekers: Think the opportunity will take them to where they want to go.

Success Secret #3:

Build and launch marketing strategies that create demand out of thin air. People frequently confuse Sales with Marketing. Marketing done properly has the customers coming to you. Opportunity Seekers: Most likely don’t have a marketing strategy and they are continually selling and pitching their offer.

Success Secret #4:

Lay out a plan and know where you’re going. Make yourself a “T”, put Obstacles on the left and Goals on the right, then:

  1. List the obstacles on the left and re-write that on the right as a goal.
  2. Arrange the goals in priority order and ask “what if…?” questions
  3. Only work on what’s essential.

Success Secret #5:

Create systems and processes that run, grow and improve everything you do. Create a process for everything you do that is repetitive. Opportunity Seekers: Don’t have a map and try to figure out the next steps as they go rather than having a GPS in front of them.

Success Secret #6:

Only take on projects that are relevant, do them one at a time and then move on. Every time you say “yes” to another project you’re saying “later” to your current project. Focus on the task at hand. Opportunity Seekers: are great multi-taskers, doing many things, staying busy, working hard, but not getting too far.

Which one are you… an Opportunity Seeker or a Strategic Entrepreneur?

Adapted from a presentation by Andre Kasberger

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