The 2 Habits of Ultimate Success

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It has been written about many times. Napoleon Hill covers this topic in his timeless classic, “Think and Grow Rich.” Steven Covey touches on it in his book, “The 7 habits of Highly Successful People”. Dan Kennedy reveals it in “The Ultimate Success Secret.” If two people have the same upbringing and education, what makes one successful and the other not?

Here are the 2 Habits of Ultimate Success:

1. The ability to look at things without ego
2. Apply what you learn to your business.

Observe and Learn

In everyday life you have to be an observer and a student. You have to be open-minded to seeing what’s around you and what is working for other people in other businesses. You need to be a long distance radar for success, being able to see and track successful models for miles.

Most people find this difficult because they are either close-minded, have blinders on or have such a big ego that they can’t see the forest for the trees. Just because something is not related to your business doesn’t mean it’s not applicable. Successful models are successful for a reason and they can be transferred across the borders of markets and industry.

Don’t try to be the first to blaze a new path. This is the most difficult and expensive thing you can do. You need to find what has worked in the past and come up with creative ways to apply those success principles to your own situation.

Pioneers are the ones lying on the side of the trail with tomahawks in their backs. You want to find success and duplicate it – it’s much easier and a lot less expensive. But you have to have an open mind to see the success around you. You have to be void of ego.

Ego has been proven to kill business success. If you approach everyday in your business career thinking you know everything there is to know, that you know more than most people and there is nothing new for you to learn, then you will never grow and you will never be successful. Ego has proven to have devastating effects on personal growth.

Take Action

Without action there can be nothing. You will never achieve anything. One of the biggest mistakes marketers make in their advertising is that they leave out the call to action. Zig Zigler says that the biggest mistake most sales people make is that they don’t ask for the sale. We believe the biggest mistake most business people make is they don’t do anything. They don’t take action. It is very easy to get wrapped up in the details and minutia of a project or a business and never get to the action steps. You need to fast forward you thinking and start with the action and work out the details after the fact.

Every day you go out into the business world, keep your eyes peeled and look with an open mind at what is out there. Seek out the successful people in other industries and ask them what they are doing. Remove your ego and learn from them. Then take the information you learn and create an action plan. Then IMPLEMENT IT!

You should be doing them same thing every time you encounter an opportunity to learn something new or from people who know more about a certain topic than you do – even people who you don’t think know more than you do – sometimes new insights can spark new ideas. But ideas aren’t enough… you need to learn how to take action on your ideas. You need to be able to capture them on paper and then do something about them.

These are the two most important skills you can master in life. If you can, you will skyrocket your success rates. Always read, learn and observe with a way to take notes. You should be taking notes right now. Seek out the experts and learn from them. Write down your thoughts as you listen and learn. Then make an action plan and create results.

Go make something happen right now!

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