Top 3 Reasons to Offer Gift Rebates

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In today’s economic climate, consumers are thirsty for value. Nielsen Consumer Insight Reports state that 80% of Americans are stressed over the economy, with nearly 88% of them changing the way they shop through brand disloyalty, migration to private label, discount shopping or switching stores. As a result, now more than ever, gift rebates are in high-demand. Here are the top three reasons they are so effective.

  1. Give consumers what they really want

    According to a new Mintel study, cash rebates, a hard benefit versus soft, show the most resonance for consumers. Though offering some mix of both offers the best value proposition, using cash rebates, a super-hard benefit, takes advantage of the fact that consumers are practical. They know retail prices are basically fluid, based on the season, the economy, etc. So while specials and discounts are still popular, cash rebates make consumers feel like they’ve really “gotten” something. Furthermore, in a recent survey 83% percent of consumers said they are actively seeking products with rebates. Consumers will drive an extra mile, clip coupons and want rebates. Value-seeking is in.
  2. Get a jump on the competition

    The good news is that you can attract new customers and establish new levels of loyalty by giving them exactly what they not only want, but desperately need. Get a jump on the competition – and rising costs – by offering what is positioned as one of the most influential consumer behavioral tools of 2011: gift rebates for fuel, dining and retail purchases.
  3. Expand marketing outlets

    Rebates, in general, appeal to all consumers; allow you to capture enhanced demographic information and provide access to new marketing outlets. Gift rebates, in particular, are already in high demand. Imagine how appreciative your customers will be when they realize you can help safeguard them against imminent soaring oil prices – and – immediately, positively and tangibly impact their bottom line? Gift rebate incentives are bound to enhance yours.

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