Supercharge Employees with Strategic Recognition

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Supercharge Employees with Strategic Recognition

Having a recognition and rewards program tailored to the specific needs of individual employees is the best strategy for engaging employees in a post-recession economy, according to the findings contained in the latest white paper from the Incentive Marketing Association’s Recognition Council.

In the paper, Pump Up Employee Engagement: Fuel Prosperity with Strategic Recognition, the Council highlights how the effects of the recession and the realities of workforce demographics have created a more complex set of employee expectations amid emerging job market trends.

“We have found that when recognition and reward programs provide employees with the kind of recognition that is most meaningful to them, they are not only more engaged but also are more likely to remain with a company than when they do not feel valued,” says Karen Renk, CAE, executive director of the Incentive Marketing Association.

“Because today’s workforce is more diverse than ever and is recovering from the effects of being
overstretched and under-rewarded, proving that employees are individually appreciated is the best way to engage them and to combat the very real threat of losing valuable talent during the recovery.” Renk explained.

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