How to keep your customers satisfied

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How to keep your customers satisfied

Going Beyond “I’m Sorry”

One of the most important things every business has to deal with is Customer Reparation. You know, when a customer is upset or dissatisfied with a product or service. Maybe you’ve replaced the product or made up for the service issue, but you’re really trying to build some good will. You’re saying “I’m very sorry; I know we fixed it, but I’d like to give you something extra for your trouble.”  Now that would make a customer happy – especially if the “something” is a complimentary or hugely discounted vacation.

Consider This


A typical business hears from only 4% of its dissatisfied customers. The other 96 % just quietly go away and 91% will never come back. That represents a serious financial loss for companies whose people don’t know how to treat customers, and a tremendous gain to those that do.


A survey on “Why Customers Quit” found the following:
3% move away; 5% develop other friendships; 9% leave for competitive reasons
14% are dissatisfied with the product and…
68% quit because of an attitude of indifference toward the customer by owner, manager or employee.


A typical dissatisfied customer will tell 8 to 10 other people about his problem. One in 5 will tell 20. It takes 12 positive service incidents to make up for one negative incident.


7 out of 10 complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor. If you resolve it on the spot, 95% will do business with you again. On average, a satisfied complainer will tell 5 people about the problem and how it was satisfactorily resolved.


The average business spends 6 times more to attract new customers than it does to keep old ones. Yet customer loyalty is in most cases 10 times the price of a single purchase.

Give them Something to Talk About!

When something goes wrong, make it right. We live in an imperfect world. Things break, things go wrong, it happens and you cannot change that. When a customer has a problem, this is your opportunity to really shine. Make it right, fix it or replace it and do it with a BIG smile! Then take it a giant step further: offer a complimentary getaway… a cruise, resort stay, perhaps even discounted airfare. Your customers will be talking about your great service for years to come.

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