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Grand Incentives Celebrates Five Years in Style

February 3rd of this year marked a momentous occasion for us, as we celebrated five successful years in business. CEO Jose Martinez surprised the staff with a gourmet lunch catered by the prestigious and award-winning Michael’s on East. Much like the milestone event, the meal far exceeded expectations.

Festivities began at noon and included honors for the handful of employees that started the day the doors of Grand Incentives first opened; among them, Christie Pelham, Director of Marketing; Tammy Barngrover, Travel Division Manager; Jay Sommers, Assistant Marketing Manager; Jason Rennie, IT Manager; Wendy Dellasala, Customer Service Manager and Francis Pena, Renewals Specialist.

The luncheon was held outside on Grand Incentives’ wooden deck overlooking our own inspirational Walden Pond. Fine linens topped the tables and multi-colored balloons adorned the building, inside and out. Joining Grand Incentives’ 50+ employees were a number of noteworthy guests who shared in the revelry.

At the conclusion of the luncheon, the staff presented company co-founders Jose and Grace Martinez with individual custom-designed plaques, the result of a collaborative effort to express heartfelt appreciation.

“We are proud of our longevity, especially in light of an unstable economic climate,” said Jose Martinez. “The early years were a struggle, but we had a small and determined staff that shared a long-term vision.”

Today the company has a strong national and international presence, and business shows no sign of slowing down. COO Larry Biondi, who wowed the group with a never-before-seen talent for poetry, ended his reading with words to live and work by:

“We continue to believe in all of our dreams; we can achieve almost anything with the strength of our team.”

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