A Star is Born

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We recently produced a short, engaging video about how and why incentives work. The soon-to-be-released clip stars Grand Incentive’s charismatic Director of Adventure Travel, Michael Flanagan. Once you see the video, you’ll know why Michael was selected, hands-down, to deliver our important message. A veteran business Guru, he is passionate about the power of incentives. And it shows.

“It’s time to incentivize,” Michael booms. “Finding new customers while retaining current customers keeps our revenue flowing. So it makes sense to keep our customers happy, motivated and incentivized!”

During the two-minute video, he provides an informative overview of incentive programs: how to use them to get customers and to motivate them to take action. And travel incentives, he says, outperform any other type of consumer offer.

In between takes, Michael entertained the production crew with his larger than life persona, quick wit and boundless energy. He’s shown here prior to shooting, where he didn’t skip a beat… even during makeup.

Celebrity-status aside, he claims every business owner can achieve Forbes-style stardom by following his proven success strategies. Who doesn’t dream of traveling to places near and far? Travel incentives create lasting memories.

Michael has flown nearly two million miles to more than 100 countries on six continents and Antarctica. In addition to educating business owners about travel incentives and directing Adventure Travel Tours, he shares cultural insights through an ongoing series of enrichment lectures and seminars about destinations worldwide.

The video, Why and How Incentives Work, will soon be available online.

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